Community Cohesion Advocates CIC


We are a not-for-profit organization established in 2017, with an overall aim of promoting social cohesion and harmony within and between the diverse communities in Greater London.  Most of our core members are native Chinese who has been living and working in the UK for decades. We have great appreciation of the very needs of and challenges faced by the Chinese communities and other ethnic minorities in this country. Catering for their needs and tackling these challenges are an integral part of our mission. We are fully committed to providing a wide range of services that help improve lives of London communities of all races and age groups. 

Our flagship project is the operation of London Hackney Chinese Community School which has been providing Chinese language lessons and cultural activities to communities within London and the surrounding home counties since 1987.  Our expertise in teaching Chinese as a foreign language makes learning Chinese accessible to people of all economic and ethnic backgrounds. The Chinese School brings people from all walks of life together through its family activities such as Chinese New Year celebration, Mid-Autumn Festival celebration, Dragon Boat Festival celebration as well as various regular cultural-based workshops that run throughout the school year. All the Chinese lessons are provided at significantly subsidized rates to benefit our communities. 

Apart from the Chinese School initiative, we actively seek opportunities to develop programmes and activities that benefit the more disadvantaged in the society and contribute to the vibrant diversity of London communities. In particular, we strive: 

· to advance the education in the subject of the Chinese language and Chinese culture;

· to help young people, through leisure time and other activities, so as to develop their capabilities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society;

· to relieve elderly people who are in need.

CCA is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company regulated by the Community Interest Company Regulations 2005 and registered with the Companies House, company registration no. 11330974.


我们是一家成立于2017年的非营利组织,其总体目标是促进大伦敦的多元化社区和比此之间的社会凝聚力与和谐。我们的大多数核心成员都是華人,而華人在英国生活和工作都有十分悠久的歷史。我们感到華人和其他少数民族在这个社区中, 都有着生活上, 所面临的需求和挑战。為了满足社区上的需求, 并应对这些挑战是我们使命的一个凝聚力组成部分。

 我们致力于提供广泛的服务,帮助, 達到 改善所有种族和不同年龄组别的有需要幫助之人士. 持别是居住在伦敦社区的人士。

我们的旗舰项目是 : 参予管理 “伦敦克尼华人中文学校”的运作.该学校自1987年以来, 一直为伦敦及周边地区的社区提供中文课程和文化活动。我们将利用汉语教学方面的专业知识, 使得学习汉语的人士能够获得, 漢話學習上的幫助及在學費上的经济補助, 不論他们的种族背景。

中文学校通过家庭活动,例如中国新年庆祝活动,中秋节庆祝活动,端午节庆祝活动以及整个学年开展的中国文化興趣研讨班,将所有學生聚集在一起。提高學生们对學習中文课程的興趣. 這些課程活动, 都是本会 CCA 以大量的經濟能力和全体義工的努力, 提供给我们社区的貢獻.。

除了对中文学校的倡導,我们还积极寻求机会,制定有利的计划和活动政策,给于社会上有需要幫助的弱势群体.,并为伦敦充满活力的多種族社区, 做出贡献, 藉着我们的努力. 推进中国语言和中国文化的教育; 致力通过興趣小組和其他活动, 特别去帮助兒童, 年轻人,以引導他们, 至令其个人增强自信, 作為社会上有能力的成员.

註: CCA是一家非营利性社区慈善公司,受2005年社区慈善公司条例的监管,CCA 慈善公司的 注册編号为 :  11330974。